Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm being loved....

I have to finish off his meal.
What a nice feeling! After all this last I found it! I didn't find new love...never thought about it.....My love, Faris is changing for the better...the speed is unbelievable ....even FD is overwhelmed!

I have a date with him on Thurday 28 July. Every Thursday I come from work early, I'll be at SP by 5:00 pm. Usually I'll go back and rest at home  for 1:30 hours before get out again to pick up Fathul Amin from school. I promised to go with him to PC Depot immediately after Asar Prayer and then pick up FA at 6:30 pm and simply mention to FD that I'm going out with Faris. And You know what? she's also going along with us. She never did before!

After Faris bought his RAM we went to Fathul Amin's school to pick him up (Also Faris's school). There's about one and half hours left before maghrib prayers, o suggested that we went to TESCO to do some shopping. I haven't have the time yet to do my monthly shopping. Usually I didn't do it alone, since I'm not strong enough to push the trolley and transfer them to my car!.

Everybody agreed so off we went to TESCO Sg. Petani Selatan. (There's 2 Tescos in SP). This one is nearest to our house about 2 km, although we prefer the other one which is about 6 km away. After having finished with our shopping there's about 30 minutes left so I suggested we had something to eat. They dully agreed, but what is important is Faris agreed. Fathul quite worried because he said it's expensive. I said it's ok, just treat it as Faris and my birthday celebration since both our birthdays are round the corner.

Subhanallah, this is the first time since 2 years we ate outside, the 4 of us, Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.

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