Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roles Playing

Bringing up children especially teen agers, single-handed is not easy. more so when they have different character and temperament. Sometimes I have to be a father, sometimes a mother or a friend. Of course when you are tired after office you've forgotten to be their friend instead more of a mother !

However there two sides to each roles; the loving one or the sarcastic one depending on your mood!

FD prefers me to be her friend. When she's OK, we would go out for a drive round town and she'll be telling me all sorts of things, her friends, her boy friend and we would talk about current issues including politics and fashions, window shopping, etc!

MF prefers me to be a loving mother. He would pamper me by making me a mug of tea at night before going to bed. He'll close the gate for me when I'm going to work. We'll be talking quietly just like mother and son woud. He doesn't like me to his friend, since he hates my stupid jokes!

AFA - sometimes dunno what roles to play. When picking him up from school and cracking up stupid jokes he will not respond; the the excuse is "I'm too tired and I want to rest" , five minute drive only! Now when I pick him up from school , I'll be a serious father, meaning I would not ask him anything, I'll wait for him to speak first....interesting avoid picking a fight with him...verbally of course!

When they are toddlers FD like to reverse the roles! She would be the Mum and me the daughter! Those were the days!

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