Monday, June 13, 2011

Surviving Without a Maid

I was amazed when reading out the facebook comments regarding friends that couldn't survive when their maids ran away. There are cases when several maids (to be precise more than 10 maids ran away.) I think...may be my friend has to take mandi bunga ( taking a bath with at least 7 type of flowers in your water bath) to get rid of the negative ions and evil spirits out of their body ....

There are a few of my cyber friends that are helpless when their maids are gone, taken leave or went back to their country for a few days. Ayo ..I couldn't comprehend it ! I couldn't understand it why these people depend so much on their maids that everything comes to a stand still, just because these maids are not around!!!

Well I never had a maid and I don't think I need one. I'm not boasting but if you're smart enough or creative enough you can go through live without a maid !

Come on guys and gals, if you are very organized and work smart at the office, why not practise the same thing at home ! Well, I'm not so smart...but I've been living without a maid and I dont need one. Of course have to be creative and give priority to things that needs to be done first and not so important for the weekend.

My daily routines start 5:30 am. By hook or by crook I have to leave the comfort of my bed not later than 5:35 am. I have 3 alarms ready with different times set: alarm clock, alarm from my handset and alarm from KFC alarm clock with real cock's sound set at 5:45 am !. I'm a heavy sleeper ! Before my dear husband is my alarm clock ! (May Allah bless his soul).

Then off to the kitchen !. I have to prepare breakfast and lunch for my kids, a very simple one such as noodles, rice and curry or soups depends on their wish or even chicken rice! Of course I cleaned the chicken and fish and prawn and marinated  in individual packages (daily consumption). Sure enough, I prepared all these over the weekend; on Friday morning.

In the mean time, I'll wash the dishes, sweep the kitchen floor, do some ironing if any, and wake up FD at 5:45 or not later than 6:00 am. While the soup is simmering I'll take my bath and morning prayer. If AFA is also going to school for his silat classes, have to wake him up before 6:15 am. There are 2 bathrooms but FD and AFA prefer the one in my bedroom, even though I've changed the toilet seat to the sitting one instead of squatting! There is one time where I put a clock in the bathroom to make sure she's out of it by 6:30 am.

I'm out of my house by 6:40 am to check on my car; to make sure there is enough water in the radiator and to warm up the engine. I have to start the journey by 6:45 am or at the most by 6:50 am, although that is very late already....but children any thing can happens. I have to wait for my pool mate also, but if she's late I have to go ahead and pick her at the toll gate SP north. I have to send AFA to his school in Bakar Arang first if he's a round (have to go through the taman roads) and then FD at the town centre. I have to be at her school not later than 7:00 am or I'll caught in a jam not one but several jams plus if there is a train crossing the road. (Its quite a chaos in SP because of the double tracking construction going on in the town centre).

I have to pick up all my friends at IPD by 7.15 am. The most safe place to park our cars. Sometimes I'm late and there are times that one of us may be late. Then off to the office via PLUS highway. Depending on what time I reach the toll gate, if before 7:15 am, the driving is quite relaxing, cruising at 130km/hr, but if later than that the speed is between 140 to 150km/hr just to make sure I reach the office by 8:00 am.

In the evening is quite relaxing drive not more than 120km/hr, and I have to pick up AFA at his school by 6:30 pm, and reach our house by 6:40 pm. Depending on the kids whether they want to eat or not. I have to cook if they want to, or they just take bread or biscuits. sometimes FD already does the cooking.

Some other chores are done during the weekend, folding clothes, vacuum he floors, and other household chores that can wait for the weekend. Of course my house is not spic and span like other houses but - our home is our paradise!

I taught my kids to make their own beds after waking up, clean their own rooms, all the chores supposed to do by the maid. If the clothes are dirty put inside the clothes bin! (they have to do this starting at 6 year old). and they have to wash their own school shoes or go to school with the dirty shoes. Well I have to be cruel for them to be an independent individual later on !

My kids start to cook when they are 8 years old but they taught the safety precaution and they have to make sure the kitchen is clean as before, and no cluttering the kitchen!

Shopping is done once a month and the list is prepared by them so that when come from the shopping spree, they'll help with the tidying up and keeping them in place. That's the trick to ease the load of responsibility and at the same time make them be responsible. Actually they love it since it makes them feel like an adult !

So frankly speaking I don't need a maid since my children helps me a lot ! and I never force them, but they love to be involve since they feel so grown up and proud of it.  

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