Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

Yesterday, Friday my turn to take care of my mum, supposed to be on Saturday but since my brother would like to swap the day, never mind, friday or saturday is my off day, even though a bit chaotic ...have to send Fathul Amin for solat Jumaat also...Janji, there's someone to take care of Emak....

When we came back after stopping at Taman Kempas night market to buy durians, of course FD and AFAF will ran straight to their rooms to....what else..logon to www for sure....but kesian..the internet is not working since morning.....Then they started to pointing fingers at me ...Mak tak bayar bill!!!.....sorry I've paid the bills...ada access lagi...something wrong with the line...called 100...luckily they responded outside cable yang rosak...but may after sunday will be OK....coz its a weekend...not many technicians around...

So nothing else to do on saturday....But out of the blues AFAF asked me to help him to repair the tap inside the bathroom....yang selalu Faris guna. Selalu I'll ask him to help me... Mula-mula sekali asked him to change the light tube kat my bathroom dulu.

Lepas tu while preparing breakfast, supervise him macam mana nak buat...adik start dulu...kalau need any help mak akan tolong...ingatkan washer dah haus tapi kepala dia yang haus...kesian adik basah kuyup tapi he enjoyed....kena cari kepala paip la pulak!

After zohor ajak both of them ke Central Square window shopping...pintu rumah pulak buat hal...tak boleh tutup, so asked him to kunci grill saja...balik nanti biar adik yang buat sendiri since simple je....paku terlucut. Pastu dia paku macam mana. Rasa macam nak marah...so I said, buatla macam mana asalkan boleh tak kesah paku  saiz macam mana, you decide yourself....mak bagi tanggung jawab pada adik, sampai bila mak have to decide simple thing macam tu. Rasa macam not fair, he's only going to be 14 soon tapi he has to be man of the house! to be a responsible young adult!

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