Thursday, July 21, 2011

Its a Miracle

This morning when I was busy cooking a meal for Faris, and preparing to go to the office, he asked me for a sejadah (praying mat). He said he's going to pray subuh (dawn prayer)  at the family hall. This is the first time he prayed outside his room.

When the soup is ready, he wanted to eat at the dining table. This is a first also, since he always had his meals inside his room. It has been the house regulation to eat only at the kitchen or dining table except for him due to his condition! Thank you Ya Allah, he's changing by the day!

As I got out of the to see to my car, he said he'll lock the door and gate for me! well he's really transforming into Faris that I used to know. We talked about nothing while waiting for Farahdeena to get into the car.

So I just simply asked him if he is going to Friday prayer at the mosque tomorrow, I'll asked his friend Zaki to pick him up since I'll be going to BM to take care of my Mum. And he said he'll be going for his Friday prayers next week. Ya Allah You have answered my prayers...I just feel like crying... I've been waiting for this for 3 years !!

Thank you to all my friends whom had been praying for the goodness of my family especially my FB friend Che Mang Che Yong...thank you very much!!!

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