Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eventful weekend part 2

Saturday 25 June 2011, another busy day for me. Have to send Fathul Amin to his school - sports day; very early in the morning ! He said , he's just the spectator, might as well not go! then I'm off to Kolej Komuniti Bukit Mertajam for my Laman Web short course. Have to take the highway PLUS to on time. There I was at 8:oo am sharp without having any breakfast yet !

But alas ! not to be!. not enough students so just chit chat with the teacher then off to Sungai Petani again. thought of going window shopping, but changed my mind. so I went to FA school, just waiting for him there. Try to contact him on his handphone a feww times but no anwser, had a glimps of boys running on the tracks, I think they are doing the relays. The slender boy in blue tshirt ran quite fast! there's about 20 m between him and the second boy.

After about 10 minutes, got a call from FA. Mak, I got first for 4 by 200 m relays! are you sure? You didn't tell me?? The teacher just randomly pick him, and he has to borrow his friend's blue tshirt. boys are boys, should have tell me, so I can cheer him up and took his pictures ! congratulation FA at least there's some one to follow my footsteps! and today is his birthday. so he has his birthday present already!!

In the evening, thought of making cupcakes for his birthday. so voila! banana cupcakes for Fahul Amin. Happy birthday my love, 13 years already soo old maa, I'm losing my baby soon!

Here's just a simple video I made for you, hope you'll love it.

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