Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Eventful Weekend part 1

This weekend was really tiring, just like any other days, tak sempat nak rehat. Early Friday morning at 7:00 am, have to send Farahdeena to school coz ada outing Bimbingan Rakan Sebaya di Tanjung Dawai dengan AADK. So while waiting for her bus kat sekolah breakfast Tosei di Restoran Husin, best giler tosei dia !

After sending her, return home to prepare breakfast and lunch for Faris and then off to BM to take care of my mum. Lepas fikir 2 kali ambil Afif Zikri as well dari rumah abang balik ke rumah Mak. Afif Zikri my youngest 9 month old nephew. Selalu FD akan jaga dia bila our turn to babysit Emak, tapi rasanya Fathul Amin pun boleh juga.

Lepas ambil Mak and Afif ke rumah Mak, quickly prepare lunch, calling Pak Su to come back for lunch, so that boleh pergi solat Jumaat sekali. Tapi tak angkat, so Fathul Amin tak solat jumaat lagi this week, if I'm going to send him, who's going to take care of my mum. Next week I'll make sure he will go to the mosque some how!

The 2 adiks and both are so cute maaa....
Amazing! Fathul Amin is a good baby sitter
to be continued....

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