Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Cuppa For Mum

Been quite a while without a post on Faris. He's getting better and more mellow! More talkative now,meaning we can communicate better and the nicest thing is....he's asking me if I would like a mug of tea! and he's been making a mug of tea every night since then, before going to bed! I bet ordinary teenager ... a boy for that matter would do what he does!....Well he's not any ordinary teenager ...and he's not weird either....he's just being different!

The most amazing thing is he even helped me to take care of his grandma even though it's only for half an hour,but he did help when my mum slept over at our house last friday. I just gave him an excuse that Kakak and Adeq is tired and overslept, so could Faris help Mak to mind Tuk while Mak is taking a shower? He did and without grouses liked before!

The other thing is I have to cut his hair very short almost every month now! and he doesn't mind to help me check the water in the radiator every morning.... so he's quite a lot even to remind when it's time to solat  (pray)....Hoping he'll be going for his Friday solat soon.....Ameen..

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