Thursday, March 3, 2011

Five Days N Four Nights

When I told the kids that we are going for the holiday, the didn`t quite believe me, after a couple of postponements, nobody would...myself included ! But, miracle did happen from time to time! I'm so blessed!

Since we didn't have much time, it was quite a hassle : I have to send Farahdeena to school - She's going to Pisa in Penang to attend the Education Carnival. I have to pay the bills and shopping for some fruits and food for our vacation. Thought at first, I have to pick her up FD at PISA, something that I was trying to avoid ! Traffic jams on the Penang Bridge ! Luck was on my side again (Thank You Allah), she came back earlier, so just picked her up at her school, then voila ! Lumut just wait for our arrival !

Fathul Amin n me doing synchronised swimming

Cyber kid - sms-ing at the pool

FD n AFA - at their fav apparatus !

I `m changing for the better Mak - Faris

take five !

The competition has just begun !
So the next couple of days was just cycling, swimming and tennis morning and evening. What made it so special was, Faris joined in all our activities. Looking forward for more excitement next year....Kuantan or Sabah, InsyaAllah !

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