Thursday, February 24, 2011

God Willing - Alhamdulillah

Me and the kids have been planning and looking forward for months - After UPSR examination somewhere before Chrismas. The kids even been through their closets - swimming costumes, tennis rackets still in good shape and playable ! They've even bought quality tennis balls - well ! we mean business this time. No more cheap tennis balls, when you have to hit it hard enough for it to bounce and go to the right direction!

But, God willing that is not to be ! human beings we can only plan....Allah have other plan for us, Allahu Akhbar!

On that fateful, my father was hospitalised. Even after a couple of days he was getting better, I didn't feel like going for the vacation, and luckily the kids understood. Well I did make the right decision.

When I contacted the Swiss Garden Resort Vacation Club(SGRVC) about the postponement, They asked me to write in with the hospital check in letter attached. I did as was asked, but I' m not really hoping they would obliged.

Alhamdulillah, after my father had passed away, SGRVC called me and told me my 7 days entitlement was reinstated, and I can start booking again, but not much time was left, before 8th of Feb 2011. Luckily for me and my kids, there's free units left before eve of Chinese New Year. Thanks a lots Riana of SGVRC for helping me so much till the last minute. Happy Vacation.

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