Monday, August 9, 2010

Dont be jealous !!!...I'm a kid one more time !!!

Sorry Fathul Amin, Mak forgot to be your friend. Too much on being a mother and care taker, driver, cook, foreman, maid, gardener etc. I overlooked on being your friend your play mate. A lot of attention paid to Faris and Farahdeena, this couple of years !! I treat you more like a baby of the family, my teddy bear, my joy when I'm down, but I forgot to be your friend !!

When Kakak went camping - motivational Rakan Sebaya (Peer Group) workshop last weekend, you were at a lost end !, Poor Fathul! You told me, you're not going to miss her ! but I knew you did. you told me so !

So last Friday you helped me to picked up the mangoes from the tree that Ayah planted and got stung by lots of ants ! but we enjoyed it even though I had to wake you up so erarly in the morning, 7:30 am, to avoid the crowd at the shophouses ! well ! we managed to get about 50 mangoes, and give out some to the neighbours.

In the evening while resting in front of the TV we played mini table football, of course I won, even though you knew I cheated on you ! Maybe winning is not everything ! you looked so happy. On saturday after trimming Faris and your hair (well I'm also the hair dresser and barbour ! since gotten married) we washed the car together. we always the car together but this time, you were allowed to sprayed water on me while I'm washing and Mak spraying on you as well ! what a joy we have to do it more often ! well the neighbours must be wandering what happened to B22, the mother is being like a kid !!

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Fared Isa said...

salam ziarah..

what a sweet entry u got here...great mother if i may add...

good luck! ;)