Monday, July 26, 2010

Meraikan Hari Lahir Suamiku

16 Julai, tarikh lahir Abang. Fathul Amin and me baca Yassin and berdoa untuk Abang. That's all we can do to live up the memories. The children are getting better, especially Farahdeena. Now she can talk freely about you.

This is the poem that I wrote after you are gone.


Abang, when you were gone
I was stunned
Everything gone wrong
Without you by my side

You tought me to be brave
Fight for my rights
What we have now is your grave
That we visit every fortnight

You've been our pillar of strength
Our guards of honour
Taken of us
That only you knew

Our love is forever for you Abang
May Allah bless you and
take care of you

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