Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Children!....They really test your patience!!

Cartoon of a Woman Yelling in Anger clipartOnce in a while my patience was no other than my beloved children!..I'm not really a patience type of person...more on the scale of quick I always manage to control my temper...but...

When we are not feeling well and sick, we are easily short tempered and tense up. It was one of those days when I was not feeling well, had a slight temperature and tired after a long drive from the office.

What did I find? kitchen was in a mass, dirty plates in the sink and I knew who did it!...and he has the chick to ask me to cook for him when what I wanted to do was to lay down on the couch as my head was bursting!..Oh Allah pardon me and give me patience, ameen!

I obliged and cook up something for him, but reminded him to wash up after eating. He didn't say anything, and I knew he's angry with me!...Still he didn't do the washing!..Ok..I'll play his game as well!..He's not going to get away with it easily

the next morning, I cleaned all the plates, and keep all the plates except only one plate on the rack. So if he's going to eat a few times he has to wash the same plate over and over again, since he didn't know where I kept the other plates. SubhanAllah ! I have succeeded in my mission, Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah!

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