Monday, August 15, 2011

Man Drivers !!

Cartoon of the View From a Car Through the Windshield Clip Art ImageThere I was cruising at 130 - 140 km on the highway, suddenly this male driver driving a Mazda or a Ford flashing from behind and very closed. I moved to the left to make way for him. All is okay for a while, and then suddenly he slowed down, so I overtook him. He was taken by surprised!

An Angry Man with Road Rage Clip Art Illustration Royalty Free Clipart ImageHe started to give me a chase! Oh man you chose the wrong chick! I'm not going to let you win easily! So I increased the speed to 150 km. After a while he gave up on me, and I slowed down to 140 km. Suddenly 10 km to the toll gate he overtook me again, but I just ignored him. But what's so amazing! we are going direction, its okay by me.

When we reached the AS South Toll Gate, I took the Smart Tag lane while he took the manual payment lane. So I won in the end. So to all men drivers out there NEVER challenged a woman driver on the highway when you don't have Smart Tag with you! you gonna loose!

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Karima said...

Just found your blog on muslim directory. I am now google following you. Would love it if you popped by my blog/s. karima :)