Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Faris Almost

Faris in 2007
Yes Faris almost back to his normal self again. Yesterday while resting in my room and Farahdeena is preparing a late breakfast, Fathul Amin called out that Zaki Faris's friend also Fathul's friend came. So I told FA to let him in. Been 2 years they have not met, since started to build a wall around himself : not going to school, not getting out of the house except on Aidil Fitri and not talking to anybody except to his mother. But that was in the past, I hope so! been praying very hard for him!
Mohd Zaki Nazri
When Zaki was in the living room, I knocked on his door, not sure what his reaction will be! I've told him once that may be Zaki would be visiting him, but he didn't say anything. When I told him, Zaki came he said, one moment and came out of his room. Ya Allah I was so happy that he can talk freely with Zaki. Thank you very much Zaki, you are a real friend indeed. They spent almost 2 hours talking. We left both of them alone.

The astonishing thing is, he took Zaki to look around our house including the kitchen and our family area. Normally he wouldn't do such things. I've renuvated and extended the house one and half years a go, when I was in a mass and felt like bursting! We needed more space! Now everybody is happy, everyone has their own room, and we have more room to spare, living room, dining room, family room and my hobbies corner as well! but of course my purse is losing a few rooms!

Before this, I've asked Zaki to visit my blog if he wanted to know more about Faris. He told Fathul Amin when they met at school he might come to visit him. So I told him to be prepared if Faris doesn't want to see, just say that Zaki wanted to see Fathul Amin, a bit of play acting!

In the evening he even accompanied me to a relative wedding reception, but of course he'll stay in the car. Well we have to start some where. Thank you Allah!

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