Friday, March 18, 2011

Wifi ! I love You.......very much

Dont be alarmed ! I'm not in love with anybody!.not at the moment or never InsyaAllah! I'm just in love with Wifi that I found at the IT Carnival in Yan during last december school holidays, Took them to the country side, Tanjung Dawai and Yan and I met Wifi. Fell in love with him at first sight, well !!

Oh !.....I just love wi-fi, it brings the family members together. Nope ! I didnt mean bringing long lost relative somewhere in Timbuktoo while searching at facebook, or your school friends, whom you havent seen thirty odd years ago on the web!

What I mean is , it bring me and my kids closer!..especially FD and AFA. When I wanted to subscribe I am so sure whether I made the right decision....I have some reservations!....what if !!

But my decision was right, they know how to schedule their routine, they didn't go where they shouldnt!. Now we are sharing tips on making our blogs better looking! yes I asked them to blog, and not bad their blogs look better them mine and

Yes me and FD browsing the blogs together!!! seaching for recipes, how to wear a selendang, craft site etc.
We enjoy it very who said IT turns your children to individualistic  andmorons. People out there are wrong....It brings us closer !! I love Wifi!!!!

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