Monday, July 13, 2009

congratulations Fathul Amin

Tahniah Adik this year Adik dapat hadiah anugerah cemerlang lagi. Almost every year adik dapat, walau pun this year untuk subject jasmani dankesihatan. Last year adik dapat untuk matematik.

But this I'm not so emotional as last year. Last year I could'nt hold back the tears when you went on the stage to receive the prize. Ayah just (2 months) past away. Usually both of us will be there. So I was feeling so sad and lonely and when I hold on the camera to focus on you, the tears just flew. It was quite embarassing actually, and I just hoped nobody noticed.

Its different this time round, I was more relax although the pain is still there. any way congrats adik next year I want you to grab back the maths top spot OK.

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