Friday, June 26, 2009


Happy Birthday Fathul Amin Happy Birthday Adik, eleven years old already, but you 're still a baby to me, baby of the family no matter how old you are. I just pray and hope you'll never change, personality of course. sure I like to see growing taller and add a bit more muscle, you're slender ever though you eat like a horse !?

Mak tried to order Black Forest Cake with fresh cream tapi kena order a week before, tak dpat lah makan black forest cake, settle saja dengan vanilla cake with cocoa flavoured cream - your favourite !! yummy !!

And amazingly you can finished half of the cake by yourself. But the cake is also very nice. Kita beli dari Kedai Kek Taman Sejati, kedai kek Melayu.

Sadly, today is also the day Michael Jackson, the great singer passed away. But life has to go on. Happy birthday babe May Allah bless you always, and remember you will always be my baby

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