Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Art and Science of Parenting

To be a parent is easy. Get married, get yourself pregnant and give birth is a breeze - you are a parent to your kids. give them food and shelter and clothing - now your are a happy parent. Well, if you're well of get somebody to care for your kids or send them to a baby sitter or have a maid at home. Give all what they need and they are happy kids, but they have to excel in their studies and career, now you are a happy parent indeed.

After a couple of decades you're in your prime years, your kids will do the same thing to you, may be they'll send you to the all folks home, day care center, all your needs are met except they'll visit you when they feel like doing it. No emotions involved ! Pray to Allah it wouldn't happen to me , Ameen.

To be a parent is more than just physical needs, love and care is what the kids need. As Muslim parents, we have an obligation to bring up our children in the best manner---to teach them right from wrong and to show them what we and society expect from them.

Many parents believe that very small children are too young to understand, their early years are probably the most important opportunity for parents to start them in the right direction, After all they are never too young to learn. Once good patterns are established, they will be easy to maintain. Once bad patterns are established, they will be difficult to change. It's all depends on your creativy in interacting with them and steering them to the right path, InsyaAllah.

Tips for sharing : Important messages to send through daily contact with your child:

  • Share experiences and goals on effort, working hard, planning ahead.
  • Establish realistic, consistent family rules for work around the house to promote healthy routines and a sense of responsibility.
  • Encourage children to think about the future, including dreaming, exploring options ( via real and virtual field trips), sacrifice.

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