Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Holidays - what a feeling

I love school holidays; no I'm not a student; no! no! no! I ain't a teacher either !! I'm a mother of school kids ! No more waking up very early in the morning at wee hours ; 5.30 am to be exact ! No cooking ??? no ! no! I still have to prepare breakfast and lunch since FD has to go for extra classes this week.

I love the traffic more traffic jam for this 2 weeks, no more school buses; no more school vans, no more parents sending their kids to school by cars that hindered my smooth flowing driving except for occasional interruption from Langkawi Express coaches !

No more disruption from the traffic policeman manning the juction at  Taman Jublee .  A few months back due to the unbalance hormone existing in my body, I got so angry with the traffic man for purposely denying my turn twice in order for the cars from the opposite lane to proceed. I was so mad that I honked twice and a few cars started to honk also. He was taken by surprise and started looking at our direction . Lucky me ! He didn't know who started honking and he looked angry ! Well ! I'm mad with him too ! I'm late for office, never take a stressed woman for granted! he..he..!

This 2 weeks I can drive to work without stress and take my own sweet time; no more honking at other cars or people honking at me and no swearing at traffic LIGHTS ! no I never swear at traffic policeman ! Happy holidays !!!

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