Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. Been quite a long didn't update my blog. Suddenly I have nothing to say, I'm speechless, dunno why!....I ran out of ideas....maybe too busy with office work or the weather makes me sooooooooo lazy or I'm plain lazy, no excuses !!!!

Well, on the eve of mother's day FD told she's already had a present for me. Guest what? a certificate from her school `Slaughtering chick the Islamic way'. And she did slaughter a chicken at her school. Its parts of the curriculum, but that's the first time I heard the girls were taught doing so ! Well done Farah I'm so proud of you ! Well done Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Khir Johari or KJ not the other KJ please ! Next time Mak will raise organic chicken and you can do the slaughtering !

AFA Mother's Day present is Anugerah Cemerlang or Prize presentation for best students at his school that fell on Mother's Day. He scored perfect A (100%) for Religious Studies (Agama Islam) for form one. I'm still wondering how he did it since most of his awakening times (minus school hours) is at the PC playing online games and chatting with his school mates. Any way, thanks love and well done !. but you could have scored A for your BM to make it straight As and top 10 for the whole of form one, 10 out of 360, but 13 is OK, better luck next time though !!

While waiting for the prize giving and the VIPs, they played a sentimental song to commemorate  that brought tears to my eyes. this is the third times he's receiving a prize and I still could control my tears ! It's quite embarrassing actually luckily nobody noticed !

But I made a blunder again for the 3rd time. Thought of taking a video this time, Its all so fine, until his turn when the camera said `MEMORY FULL'. I should have used my hand phone, but I got memory laps also just like my cam. Sorry Adik, Mak should have cleared the old images ! of course being a boy, boys are boys they couldn't care less! or more ??. So I forced him to pose for me for d blog!

Here's part of the video that was a disaster ! I have to be prepared next time !

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