Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joyride With Faris !

Today is the one of the happiest daya of my life. I have a date with Faris!. Actually I was supposed to take pictures of several places around Bukit Mertajam for my Executive Report of Seberang Perai Tengah (SPT) but the photos were not enough. So with my boss permission of course, I should do it by myself, the rest of the staff went to Bandar Baharu. So this give me an idea to ask Faris to know..put a little bit of acting n psyche him up a bit, like.....I'm going out alone all by myself !!, my friends are all busy...nobody to accompany !...Mak quite scary to go out all alone !!!!

He was overwhelmed with my drama ! So with trademark Oklah Faris ikut Mak but with condition that we are not going to stop over anywhere meaning; no stopping over at Tok Wan's house or Pak Long's house ! Ok ! I agreed, but, If Mak sakit perut ?? Well, we stop at some petrol station yang toilet bersih !!! Ok lah, you win some You lose some !

It's quite sometime I did'nt go out with him ! The last time was somewhere early this year ! So there we were cruising along the road slowly to BM at 70km/hr. He would said Why am I driving so slow? Well ! Mak tak mau kena saman! before 8:00 am, can bawa laju coz polis tak bangun tidor lagi !?

So we were talking like we used to.....and he let his Great Wall of FARIS down!! I asked him jokingly whether :

i.    Faris sembahyang tak ?  Sembahyang tapi terbabas juga Zohor dan Asar.....sebab Faris tertidor
ii.   Faris doa kat Ayah dak ?  Doa, Alhamdulillah
iii.  Tahun depan Faris ambil PMR tau ? tak mau
iv.  Kalau nak jadi askar kena ada PMR ? tak mau jadi askar ! tak pa tak payah baca buku ambil periksa ja !
v.   Faris tau dak la ni dah nak masuk Syaaban ? tiap hari pun Faris puasa maan sekali saja
vi.  Jum singgah rumah Tok Wan ? Tumbuk Mak while trying to hide his smiles
vii. Jum p tengok kubur ayah ? tak mau
viii. Bulan Oktober ni Kak Mimi nak kawin n Kak Syikin nak bertunang ! Faris nak pi ? Tak mau! Pak Su 
      kawin pun Faris tak pi ! ni Kak mini dan Kak Syikin lagi Faris tak pi
      Kalau kakak kawin ! Ami Firdaus ada (uncle dia)
      Kalau Mak kawin !(acah aja) FARIS BUNUH ORANG TU !!! Thats my boy !!!

When his wall was crumbling down, he started sharing with me :
  • Mak ada tiga orang anak tapi yang sorang tu manja (adik) and sorang gedik (kakak) Faris sorang ja buat keja like mop the floor, kat bilik Faris and kitchen tiap minggu !! Actually tiga -tiga orang anak Mak semuanya manja, kakak dah tak gedik ! -kakak dah tak da boyfriend dah !! Alhamdulillah Faris tolong Mak !
  • What is the meaning of `Root of all evil!' punca kejahatan ! nafsu! syaitan ! hati ! and he was smiling jawapan Mak silap la !!
  • Faris faham what is kafir and what is etheist ! Oh he did read the newspaper ! Dulu memang he likes to read. lepas tu he stopped for a while, now he starts to read newspaper and story books again ! Alhamdulillah ! Well my children are not straight A's student !! but they like to read ! besides newspapers everyday, and majalah Ujang n Remaja, kena beli story books every month ! nasib baik ada rebate Income tax !!!
  • Mak belikan Faris buku PC essemble ! Ok ada tak kat Popular ? MPH or Hasani ? Nanti Mak survey ! He souds happy
  • Mak beli MP3 baru kat Faris ! InsyaAllah kalau Faris ambik PMR next year ! terdiam
  • Dia hafal a few zikir kuat-kuat ! Mak hantar Faris kat sekolah pondok n'dak ! tak mau !!
After 2 hours he started to build up his wall again. Mak jum balik ! Ok !! Next time kita date lagi nak ?? ! kakak n adik tak payah ikut !! tak mau jum balik cepat !!!  Ok ! mak hantar Faris balik pastu pi ambik adik kat sekolah ! Tak mau biaq Adik balik sendiri, mak pun nak relax juga !?
The wall is nearly completed !!

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how to contact dia ... fb?? ???? tak de ke ???